Features simple brander ?

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What is simple Brander package ?

Easy Brander package is that the latest, greatest ”document” brander within the style of an online app! It will rebrand any a part of the document (ebook, report, article, …).

The user enters (or copy/paste) ebook/report/article into the full-blown application editor and may totally manage content (much like in WordPress).

Each created document will have any variety of “brandable codes” that affiliates will rebrand with their own info.

Jump on board ANOTHER EPIC LAUNCH with one in all the foremost laughably simple to Use internet App That Your Customers can Crave For To QUICKLY complete Their on-line Business and MORE!.

Example of 1 such brandable code is:

code: __PAYPAL_EMAIL__
description: Enter your PayPal email address
default value:

Easybrander can convert documents to PDF on demand, effectively substitution all brandable codes with either values entered by affiliate OR default values (if affiliate left the sphere blank).

This “rebranding” method takes solely 2-3 seconds and delivers utterly set out PDF documents which might be shared on-line simply and quickly.

Features simple brander ?

Work with any affiliate program.
Have any variety of brandable codes.
Update recent branded copies with changes created in document.
Be used 100% on-line within any application (no .exe downloading.
Is 100% virus safe (it ne’er touches your computer).
Behave as link cloaker (all links from the document resulting in Easybrander thus document owner is fully control).
Be accustomed sell rebranding rights (via PayPal).
Be accustomed sell ebooks/reports (via PayPal).
Offer user all charts and information on what’s happening (list of websites wherever branded copies area unit hosted with variety of clicks, what number branded copies there area unit and wherever and the way a lot of traffic every branded copy is transferral to user).




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